I guess I’m doing this now.

I was born too late to know the height of blogs in the mid-00s. However I have seen Julie & Julia and I do have delusions of grandeur. So here I am. Where once I simply tweeted my thoughts into the abyss, I shall now blog them furiously into an even abyssier abyss. I’ll probably regret it 👍

Hoping to blog about all sorts of things. Whatever’s interesting to me, I guess. I imagine it’ll mostly revolve around video editing, which I do for a living. I also enjoy taking photos for fun, but I wouldn’t say I’m a photographer. Similarly, I’ve recently been making a simple app for the Playdate called The Drawing Board, but I’m definitely not a developer. I love hearing developers talk tho, and love using beautiful apps. Currently, I’m typing this in Ulysses, which I haven’t cracked open since college. It’s refreshing. :)

See ya ✌️

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David Schlaepfer @davids