Big Thief stole my heart

If you aren’t yet acquainted with Big Thief and by extension Adrianne Lenker, I suggest you have some acquaintin’ to do. They make delightful music that walks the line between folk & rock & electronic & country & most of the subgenres within. Their latest album has been on my rotation all year. Plus it has the dorkiest cover.

When I first heard them I was like “Yeah whatever, you’re sort of pitchy.” But now they’re one of the few bands I call myself a fan of.

A few of my favorites:

  • Mary. A quiet storybook hymn. Best enjoyed with headphones in a dark room.
  • Shark Smile. Contains the most wonderful “woo!”
  • No Reason. Listen for the sing-along chorus. Stick around for the sick flute solo.
  • Two Hands. Clappity clap clap. Great percussion.
  • Time Escaping. Bonkers track.
  • Terminal Paradise. Really great build.
  • Red Moon. Leans hard into hoedown mode. That link is a video of them recording it live.

And a handful from Adrianne:

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