Every sports team I follow is cursed. ⚽️⚾️

Earlier this year, I told Anna that I had the desire to watch some sort of sport. I’ve watched football and baseball with my parents growing up, but I’ve never really made it my own. It would be nice to cheer on a team for the first time in years, in my own understated way. I settled on baseball and soccer and picked teams:

  • The SF Giants seemed to be doing pretty well this off-season in terms of signings, so I decided to start watching them more this season. Since then, they have had a pretty terrible record (the Oakland A’s are doing better - which is saying something) and have lost some very embarrassing games (17-1 loss to the D-Backs comes to mind).
  • I decided to follow Tottenham Hotspur on the advice of a friend. The first game I watched, sort of still on the fence, they won handily. I love the coach, and seemed like a neat culture, so I decided to go all in on supporting them. Immediately following, they’ve had their worst losing streak in nearly 20 years. Come on you spurs…
  • And I’ve been following Bay FC, because they’re the new kids on the block in the NWSL, have some world class players, and it’s exciting to have a soccer team in the bay that actually seems competitive (looking at you, Earthquakes). Well… maybe seemed competitive. They’ve now lost six of their eight games played thus far.

So I guess if you have a sports team you love, you ought to start pitching me on becoming a fan of your rivals.

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David Schlaepfer @davids