Checking up on my goals

In January I made a list of goals for this year. Now that we’re in May, it’s a good time to check up on them:

Downsize ✅

We moved (ironically into a larger place) and in the process found a boatload of stuff to get rid of. Having a garage sale later this month so I’m considering this checked!

Read a book each month ❌

Failed. Missed February and April. But I’m not going to let that stop me from reading the rest of this year. That’s kind of the benefit of an early streak-breaker. It means you no longer have the pressure to uphold the streak, and you can focus on the enjoyment of it instead! The next book I’m starting is Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Finding it hard to break into the worldbuilding of it. Sometimes it’s tough to hold it all in my brain.

Brush up on a language ❌

No way. I have not touched a single language learning thing this year. Not happening, sorry past me. Maybe next year.

Establish a workout rhythm ✅(?)

Yes kinda, I’m biking to work maybe half the time so I guess that’s something of a rhythm. Would love to do something for my upper body cause I’m a puny weakling. We’ll see. It’s hard to fit gyms into my life right now, so I guess I need to figure out at-home workouts. Tips recommended.

Use public transit ✅(?)

On rainy or exceptionally windy days when I have the time I’ll take the bus. It’s about twice as long as on bike, but it’s not so bad. Gives me more opportunity to read. Santa Cruz is putting in a bus priority lane on the highway so there’s a good chance my bus ride frequency will increase.

Unlock the power of Costco ❌

Not yet. Still studying the ancient texts.

Well I guess a 50% success rate is alright. It’s ok to make goals and then later realize they aren’t priorities anymore. That’s part of life!

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