My Four-Star Letterboxd Wall

Looking at my Letterboxd average review scores and it seems like I have a four-star wall:

This isn’t as prominent as some I’ve seen. But it did get me thinking about why this is. Most importantly– I don’t like watching bad movies. To borrow words from a famous food critic, if I know I won’t like a movie, “I don’t swallow.” That reasonably skews my movie selection in the direction of things I’ll rate higher (i.e. above three-ish stars). I also have very limited time as a dad, so I need to choose wisely.

That being said, I tend to root for movies. Even when they’re uneven, I will rate them well if I enjoyed myself. Two and two-and-a-half feel reserved for movies I genuinely didn’t enjoy, but were still watchable, in a sort of “this sure is a movie” sense. Anything below that is borderline unwatchable. Most movies I watch are “meh” or better, so three and up it is.

(On the other side of the wall, four and half is reserved for movies I think are great and some of my favorites. A full five indicates a movie I struggle to find fault with. Obviously pretty rare.)

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